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Nikki joined our flock on November 16, 2003

 She was hatched in 1997, according to her band so is about the same age as Kona.  She is one of the most beautiful and well mannered Umbrella Cockatoos we've ever met. She is extremely sweet and precious.  Apparently no aggressive behavior has ever been witnessed....with exception towards her former human Mom. We hear that Nikki grew up with small children and adored them. They could wrap her in a blankie and carry her all over their house, she would play with them on the floor...all kinds of cute stuff. One day, several months ago (could be a couple years, we don't have all the details yet), the kids' Mom spanked or scolded one of the kids in front of Nikki and she immediately went into attack-mode and went after the Mom...a behavior similar to protecting her flock. From that moment on, the Mom could not get anywhere near Nikki, when she was out of her cage, without her wanting to go after the Mom aggressively. The family was really torn on what to do but because Mom was primary care giver, it was decided it would be best to place Nikki in a different home. Nikki ended up going to another home for a short time but her high pitched vocal qualities were too much for that family.


We are very grateful to have Nikki join our family and look forward to having a girlie-Too experience!   We already love her very much.



Our 7 yr old granddaughter, Halie, has quickly become one of Nikki's favorite humans.  One of the first things Halie does when she comes to visit, is go to the birdroom where she will open Nikki's cage door and ask Nikki to step onto her arm for cuddles & scritches.  You can see from this photo, taken in December '06, that Nikki seems to enjoy her new little friend.


Watch a short video of Nikki!


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