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Hi, I'm Kona!  I am a Great White Cockatoo (Cacatua alba), also known as an Umbrella Cockatoo & I was hatched on January 5, 1997. I was adopted by Mom in March 1997.  I was just so cute & adorable that she couldn't resist my cuddle powers.  My mom learned how to hand feed me and I got to go home with her after several weeks of feedings.  I immediately tried to show her who was the boss but she got smart and read all kinds of books & stuff about how NOT to let a cockatoo rule the roost.  Mom does NOT recommend that humans buy unweaned parrots though and encourages them to adopt only after they have been properly nurtured and weaned by loving caregivers.  Our species are native to Indonesia, found mainly on the islands of Batjan, Halmahera,Obi and Tidore in the Moluccas.




I have a great big house to eat, sleep & play in. I also play on a variety of human made objects like a tree, boingy rope & other perches.   I weigh about 660 gms.  I love to eat warmed mashed yams & potatoes, birdie bread, Dr. Harvey's Naturals foods, a healthy variety of seeds & nuts including germinated seeds/grains, lots of fresh veggies & fruit and cooked pastas/grains/beans and stuff.






I'm a pretty good talker but mostly choose to bark because it's the loudest noise I can come up with. If I choose to speak, it's usually "Hello", "Hi Kona or Hi Kona-Pie", "Nite Nite (Kona Pie)", "Hi Guys", "Dinner Time" & "Step Up". My favorite thing right now is to sing "Winnie The Pooh" over & over. I occasionally burst out into a hysterical laugh for no good reason other than to amuse myself.  When I really want my Mom's attention, I say (in the most pathetic voice) "Hi...Hi..Kona Pie"....and let me tell you...it really works to get a scritch or hug from Mom!


This is what I eat for lunch several times a week.  It varies from day to day & contains fresh or steamed frozen veggies, some fruits & nuts, Dr. Harvey's Naturals cooked diet, Cheese Teaser or Caribbean Crunch Beak Appetit ....yummmm yummmm!  Sometimes we get just plain ole veggies & fruits or rice/bean/grain/pasta mix sprinkled with germinated seeds/grains or whatever else we ask Mom for!




We Cockatoos need a whole lot of love, care & patience.  Living with us isn't always easy and you really need to research us carefully before choosing us a companion.  Just think of us as a 3 year old child in a feather suit....for the next 50-60 years!  We can be very vocal and it's in our nature to be so.  We can be very destructive and if you like nice furniture and things of that nature, well, maybe a different species would be better for you. If loud noise is a problem for you, we may not be the best choice for a companion.  Cockatoos can exhibit aggressive behavior from the ages of 2 - 10 and one must be patient and understanding during this time.  I cannot help myself sometimes and have bitten my Mom several times, many of those bites have been serious, and yet, she still loves me and does her best to understand why I do the things I do.  Parrots are wild creatures and as much as one thinks they tamed one to live in their homes as a well behaved pet, it is not possible and they may be setting themselves and their birds, up for failure.  Umbrella Cockatoos may not be a wise choice if small children are present in a home.



Cockatoos need 10-12 hours of good sleep each night.  Many times,  cockatoos may exhibit signs of sleep deprivation by being nippy, overly vocal & overall irritability.  We need showers a few times a week, fresh fruit & veggies daily in addition to a variety of other healthy human foods, fresh water several times a day (cuz we like to make soup), a daily helping of fresh seeds, vitamin enriched foods daily, lots of toys to play with & destroy, a big cage to spend our days in when you can't be with us, plenty of time outside our cage to be with our flock (that's you) and most of all....to be treated with respect and love and for you to except us for what we are, not what you want us to be. We need to feel secure at all times and when we are, we will trust you. And if you need help understanding us, please don't be afraid to seek guidance from an avian behaviorist.   There are many good ones who can help you live with us.   Just ask my Mom for more details.  We also need to have a "well bird" exam at least once a year by a qualified avian vet.  This helps to head off any potential diseases or medical problems we may encounter along the way.



Please never hit us, spray water at us when we're screaming, shake our cage when you're angry at us, put us in a dark place when we don't understand what you want or give us things that aren't good for us such as junk food, avocado, chocolate or caffeine. We don't like cigarette smoke & it can harm us same as you, Teflon products can kill us when overheated, scented candles can hurt our respiratory system and these are just a few of the many things you'll need to know about having a companion bird. So just think about all the things that we just said and ask yourself if you're willing to commit to us for a lifetime.  If you can't, please don't get a cockatoo.  It is a privilege to have us.



A very sweet and calm posture!

This is what Kona looks like when he get very excited about something!

Here are some of my favorite places to visit....won't you please look to see why?


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