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Here's a special video of Goliath talking!


Hello, I'm Goliath & I am a Hyacinth Macaw (Andodorhynchus hyacinthinus).  I was hatched on February 2, 1997 at Willow Creek Aviary (now known as Hyacinth Haven) and was adopted in July 1997 by my mom, Connie.  I weigh about 1475 gms right now (at 9 yrs old). She's learned an awful lot about Hyacinth Macaws and how special we all are.  


(A quilt patch made by a special friend of our's from Japan, Mariko.  Please visit her website)




Me & my clutchmate Hercules as babies!

 Here we are again at 2 mos old.

And at 4 mos old before we were adopted.




I love kissing my *MawMaw*

Oh...I'm supposed to "wear" it?

         Mmm....fresh wood!


I talk quite well, at 9 years of age. "Dinner Time" when I want breakfast or dinner and "Nite Nite" when I am tired and feel like a nap.  I've learned to say "Hello....I love you" and "Hello Golie Bird", "Whaddya Doin, huh?" and I say them over & over to get attention from my Mom.  I also say "Here Kitty Kitty.....MEOW" and "mmm..yum yum"!  My favorite foods are bananas, macadamia nuts, pnut butter & banana sandwiches, scrambled or hardboiled egg, mashed carrots, Custom dry blends, dried papaya and dehydrated banana chips.  My mom says I have to eat more veggies but I don't wanna.  They taste yucky and I'd rather throw them on the floor. Mom cooks some really yummy mixes from Beak Appetit and I love those mixed in with my carrots or cooked yams! She also feeds me warmed mashed bananas mixed with a grated macadamia nut, mashed yams or carrots and peanut butter at night and I really like that. I get showers 1-2 times a week & they are my favorite thing!  I'm loved very much and know how lucky I am to have my mom. 'Course she's pretty lucky to have me too!  What a life.....   

palmnut.jpg (22364 bytes)

Mom located a source for PALM NUTS, which is what you see here.  These are not what we eat in the wild but since we cannot get those here, she offers me these.   The variety of PALM NUTS that Hyacinths eat in the wild are high fat foods and something that is a very important part of our diet. These you see here are an orange color on the outside, with the fruit inside very bright orange.   The fruit texture is very pulpy & tastes sweet.  The big treat inside these fruits is the NUT!  The nut is shaped similar to an almond & tastes very much like coconut, very hard to crack open for most birds. 



Mom taught me to wave!

 My new palm tree toy from Florida!

Where I used to spend alot of my time!


Another graphic by Mariko


Our birdroom

This is a beautiful graphic made by a friend of our's, for Goliath.

   Stopping to smell the roses!

Life with a Hyacinth Macaw is pretty amazing. We are very sensitive, inquisitive and loving beings.  We love to play, and I,  especially on my back. I roll over & play like a puppy and even growl at my Mom if she's trying to take a toy from me.  I'm a good "tattle Tale" now too, especially with all these other trouble makers I have to live with.   When one of them is getting into trouble I start squawking for Mom to come, which she does. She tells me what a good boy I am and then those 'Toos start yelling at ME!   I just get No respect I tell ya.......                                         

This is what I eat for lunch several times a week.  It contains fresh or steamed frozen veggies, some fruits (mainly apple, banana, coconut & grapes) and Cheese Teaser or Caribbean Crunch Beak Appetit. Sometimes we get just plain ole veggies & fruits or rice/bean/grain/pasta mix or whatever else we ask Mom for!  I, however, am more finicky than the others & choose to only eat the bananas, yams, coconut and apples!


We Hyacinths are an amazing parrot.  We are wonderful companions but there is much to know about us before you make a decision to adopt us.

We require a diet that is high in fat & low in protein (although we do need natural proteins).  My Mom chooses to provide the fat I need by supplying plenty of macadamia nuts. We must have our nutritional needs met daily to remain healthy & happy.  We can be very ornery in our younger years and often don't know our own strength in our beaks.  We can be very vocal and when we become lonely or overly attached to you, we will show you our vocal abilities quite intensely.  We need a very large cage and one that is quite sturdy.  Some of us have been known to chew through our bars!  We need an abundant amount of things to chew on to keep us content & our beaks healthy.  We love to be outside of our cages & near our flock members daily and often become confused and difficult to live with if we don't have that time. We need a lot of love, patience, guidance and understanding and the more you can research about our behaviors, the happier you'll be with a Hyacinth as a companion.

Hyacinths LOVE hard plastic toys.  One of my favorite toys is this Bell Plastic toy which is typically demolished in a couple of short hours.  But it brings me ever-so-much-joy!  I've even destroyed one of the infamous "Perma-Play" toys which are guaranteed indestructible!  Guess they just don't know me very well, do they?



Looking for that special treat from Hyacinth Haven!


Here it is!  A Licuri nut, imported from South America! 



Showers are very important to every bird and we like them a lot.  Constant fresh water to drink, fresh fruits & veggies daily in addition to a variety of healthy cooked human food, a small amount of seed in addition as well as a large variety of other nuts daily.  It's also very important to take us to an avian vet at least once a year for a "well bird" check up and to know the signs of when we're not feeling up to our normal "birdie self".  




                  Me & My Mom

My favorite game...jumping off the floor to catch the papertowel!

This is my new house...click the photo to see larger image!


Hyacinths are nearly extinct in the wild, as are many other bird species.  Taking one into your home should be done with a lot of thought & research.  We are truly a wonderful companion but it takes a lot of work on your behalf to keep us that way.  My human parents would be happy to answer any questions about Hyacinths so email them if you like.   Companion birds are much like small children and need rules, which must be enforced with love and a lot of patience.  Never strike a bird out of anger, nor "punish" them for bad behaviors.  We don't understand "punishment" and it only makes our behaviors worse.  You must make your bird feel safe & secure and then he can begin to trust you.  Please don't be afraid to seek professional guidance from an avian behaviorist if you need help with your bird.  There's also lots of great magazines, books & websites to help educate you in properly caring for your bird.  Some of those are listed on our links page & favorite books page.

Thank you for reading this important message and we hope you enjoyed your visit!



Here are some of my FAVORITE places to visit....please check them out!

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    Please read this story about Hama-Chan, a Blue & Gold Macaw who lives in a tiny cage in a store in Japan.  We hope that one day, he will be saved from this horrible existence and be allowed to experience life with a caring human being, and know the joys of just being a Macaw.





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