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It's a girl!!!  Finally, after a 3 year long wait, a female baby hyacinth, has hatched and arrived to her new home, with us,  December 31st, 2002!  We are most excited and are very grateful for our special gift,  Giacinta (pronounced Jah-sin-tah). ( Giacinta is Italian for "Hyacinth".)

She hatched on October 1, 2002 and we learned the DNA results on October 21st.  Gia was in the loving care of Goliath's breeder, now known as Hyacinth Haven, until her arrival on December 31, 2002.  We will be posting regular photos of Gia so please check back often to watch her grow with us.

So, with this introduction, we now welcome Gia to our family!  She weighed in at 329 grams when this photo was taken.



Below are some photos of Gia from Day 3 through current age.












Gia is Home!  1/1/03

Happy New Year!


Where Gia plays




Where Gia sleeps for now

Gia learns to perch!





She's very excited about perching!


Gia goes shopping


Gia is weighing in at about 1275 grams now.



I love this girl....

1/17/03 Gia finds a new favorite perch

She is definately "fledged" now!


Gia enjoys Goliath's swing

Gia's temporary house

This is where Gia sleeps at night now. A large dog kennel with fresh pine shavings daily and a perch bolted inside. 1/12/03


Gia plays on a tree for the 1st time   1-22-03.

Hmm, interesting objects

She quickly learns how to scale to the top of the pole!

Gia's new play stand



Just finished mid-day feeding. 2/3/03

Where Gia spends most of her day.

Having an afternoon snack.

My Girl!




She is developing into a lovely young lady!  2/25/03

Playing with a favorite foot toy 3/16/03

Stretching a wing & leg 3/16/03

Gia's average weight now is 1225gms


Gia goes out to the flight!


Gia & Goliath together in the flight!  (we keep a good distance between the two yet)  3/30/03

Gia & Goliath (Gia in back)


Gia enjoys an Spring outing


Gia wearing her harness outdoors

Gia visiting Mom's relatives 5/25/03


Gia turns ONE,

October 1st, 2003.

Hanging out on Goliath's swing 9/03

Is this a gorgeous girl or what?


My beautiful babies & me 10-04


Click Gia to visit our friend Mariko and her parrots in Japan



A special card made for Gia by a friend.


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